Bee Merry Christmas shirt

Bee Merry Christmas shirtBee Merry Christmas shirt


I relate very strongly to this. My dad left when I was one and tried to take everything with him – the house that he didn’t pay for, the car (basically everything except me haha). Occasionally he would turn up to harrass the family again and I always believed it didn’t bother me but only recently found out I had counselling as a child because of it. I don’t remember it at all, and now I just don’t care. I understand the urge to see him again just to turn him away – for Bee Merry Christmas shirt, it would provide a form of closure. If you don’t miss him, good on you – don’t go looking for a reason to. He’s not your dad and never tried to be.

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Bee Merry Christmas shirt
Bee Merry Christmas shirt
Ladie Tee
Bee Merry Christmas shirt
Tank top
Bee Merry Christmas shirt
Bee Merry Christmas shirt

Best Bee Merry Christmas shirt

Mine left the day I was born. I didnt even know his name, let alone what he looked like until i was maybe 9/10 when i found my mom’s stash of letter from friends/admirers. I only knew his name but I never went looking for him even when mom said he’s alive and living in another town. I grew up with Bee Merry Christmas shirt. After 24 years he comes in contact with me and all of a sudden he thinks we’re best pals. I just feel..nothing for him

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