Merry Christmas – Santa – Santa Claus Shirt

Merry Christmas - Santa - Santa Claus


Yes it depends, I’m just suggesting a different angle. I don’t know this young ladies entire story I just know sometimes some of our parents are healing from their own childhood traumas and love us in different ways. It’s up to us to break that cycle and do better with our own kids. I did distance my children from what I grew up with Merry Christmas – Santa – Santa Claus Shirt. I was allowing my childhood hurt to turn to anger which turned into sickness, stress, etc, I forgave so I could start healing for myself. I’m seeing my mother because she’s 5 years sober and born again, I can tell she’s changed and I’d love a relationship with my momma who I always loved and felt sorry for. She’s not narcissistic like others I know, she’s a hurt human being. But yes I agree with you as well.

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Merry Christmas 2020 (3)
Ladie Tee
Merry Christmas 2020 (3)
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Merry Christmas 2020 (3)
Merry Christmas 2020 (3)
Merry Christmas 2020 (3)
Merry Christmas – Santa – Santa Claus

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Melissa Barrett I’m happy you have a good ending to that story. Unfortunately, based on her own words, her mom doesn’t think she did anything wrong. That’s Merry Christmas – Santa – Santa Claus Shirt. At the end of the day, forgiveness is great but only if warranted. Someone who thinks they did nothing wrong and refuses to grow is not worth the time in one way forgiveness. That’s the bottom line and perhaps the difference with your story? I could be wrong and if you can forgive a person whoever they are when they refuse to see anything wrong with their behaviour I do commend you

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