Carlos Maza is a fag shirt


Vox, and all left-wing media are losing millions to independent journalists on youtube. They continue to lose money because they push indentity politics and Carlos Maza is a fag shirt. So carlos maza with backing from big media corporations are doing scorched earth tactic of shutting down youtube. Dont be fooled maza ia no victim he is as authoritarian and close to facism as you can get. He is weaponizing his orientation

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Carlos Maza is a fag

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Carlos Maza is a fag

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Well, if little Carlos wants YouTube to follow the Carlos Maza is a fag shirt then he should be banned as he calls names in his Twitter bio and has called for violence towards those he disagrees with. He has literally called for violence. Crowder has explicitly said to not dox or be violent. Carlos is the biggest hypocrite and is ruining people’s lives because he can’t take a joke. Some “adult” he is.

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Carlos Maza is a fag

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Carlos Maza is a fag


Are you so left-wing that Carlos Maza is a fag shirt? I am sorry. I have no respect for you because you are an ideologue who goes after and tries to silence people who don’t believe the same as you. Go take a course on the First Amendment. No platform should ban someone for speech that you find hateful unless it causes violence. Period

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