Father Day Yeah Buddy shirt


Happy Father’s Day to my father Leondal Ashley wish we could have had a lot more time over the Father Day Yeah Buddy shirt with each other but I want you to know I’ve never stop thinking about you and who knows we may still have the opportunity to spend some time together hope you have a great day your one and only Cheryl Ashley

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Father Day Yeah Buddy

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Father Day Yeah Buddy

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Father Day Yeah Buddy

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Father Day Yeah Buddy

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Isn’t that the truth! My daughter was on a boogie board off the coast in OBX this week, and Father Day Yeah Buddy shirt , and pulled out into the ocean. My husband was out there before the lifeguard could get down the beach. It felt like it took forever, but my husband kept going down the current to encourage her to keep paddling, until he got close enough to grab the end of the boogie board and pull her to safety.

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Father Day Yeah Buddy

Ladie Vneck

Father Day Yeah Buddy


My dad may not have been perfect but he loved Father Day Yeah Buddy shirt , made sure we had all we needed sometimes more & stayed with my mom until I was an adult. He should have left sooner. Not that it was a violent home or anything bad like that, because it wasn’t. Just they were not meant to stay together. He was unhappy but wanted all of his kids to have both parents for as long as we needed. By not leaving he made sure he could be in our lives not blocked out.

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