Proud Navy Sister shirt

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Lol, I get kick out of all these folks who pretend to know what the Proud Navy Sister shirt. The Pentagon and the Generals do not make the military, neither do those idiots in Washington. If we are really so interested in knowing how our children in the military feel about all this treasonous talk why don’t we ask them.

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Proud Navy Sister

Tank top

Proud Navy Sister

Ladie Vneck

Proud Navy Sister


Proud Navy Sister

Guys Vneck

Proud Navy Sister

Ladie Tee

Proud Navy Sister

Guys shirt

Best Proud Navy Sister shirt

He ordered it. This pos knows about EVERYTHING GOING ON IN THE Proud Navy Sister shirt. We need to STOP fooling ourselves on this point. He’s been “sneaky” most of his life. He knew about this, the meeting in chump tower, and every underhanded thing these sycophants do. He LIES and they LIE for him.

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