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  1. A Boogie Wit Da Rnb Rap Hip Hop shirt

    One of the books of the bible tells the story of the A Boogie Wit Da Rnb Rap Hip Hop shirt .. And how they began. The missing book is the book of Enoch. And it tells the story of how magic started. Basically there were angels who looked down on man and wanted to be with the females and they left heaven to come down, and they mated with the women and started families but they also taught man the sacred magics, the magic of metals, making iron, brass, copper and gold and silver. They taught them the medicine magics and how to heal themselves with herbs and even how to abort a baby. They taught them the mystical secrets.. Of heaven presumably. Of numbers and letters. This tribe of people was called the magi. Because they were like magicians to the other peoples. And possessed knowledges unknown to them. God became so outraged when he found them out , that he is said to have killed all the off spring of the angels who were a giant people. And produced giant children much larger than the other people – and he punished the Angels.

    A Boogie Wit Da Rnb Rap Hip Hop shirt(A Boogie Wit Da Rnb Rap Hip Hop shirt)

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