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Love all animals but, thinking your cat or Andrew Benintendi Shirt your chihuahua is adequate protection is crazy. Shit, even big scary dogs will cower away sometimes instead of attack but, your guard cat doesn’t stand a chance. Before anybody gets pissy, I have 2 cats and I love them just the same as my big scary dogs, but I know that my dogs will protect me way before either of my cats come running to see what’s going on. And no, I don’t use my dogs as protection. They’re more of a deterrent and if someone is brave enough to welcome themselves in, the dogs will keep them still just long enough for me to get my gun.

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These were my Andrew Benintendi Shirt thoughts exactly when watching the video. Specially if i’m victim to a cat or dog that was not prepared for my visit, i’m sure no one rationally thinks it be worth waiting for a small sized animal to just attack your feet and knees.

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That’s beside the whole point. If you know your animal is aggressive towards strangers even if it’s not aggressive, and you’re selling your home, and a realtor comes in Andrew Benintendi Shirt with clients to show your home. You look up your animals. You people seem to be missing the whole point. It doesn’t matter if the animal is protecting its home. We all get that. But this is not a burglar breaking in.

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