Be you tiful! Shirt

BE you tiful!


Just stopping by to remind you that life is a journey. I am an extremely goal oriented personality. I love checklists and I love order. It’s hard for Be you tiful! Shirt that life doesn’t really work in a specific order. Sure, you can have goal and you can work on steps to obtain said goals….but life also just kinda happens at its own rate. Remember to stop and enjoy the ride.

Be you tiful! Shirt, Hoodie, Youth tee, V-neck, Sweater and Unisex, t-shirt

BE you tiful! Guys Shirt
Guys Shirt
BE you tiful! Ladies Tee
Ladies Tee
BE you tiful! Guys V-neck
Guys V-neck
BE you tiful! Ladies V-neck
Ladies V-neck

Being pregnant is a priceless nd senseless moment to cherish, having a human inside of you who feels your heart beat, who makes you go to the toilet on their behalf, who makes you eat what you hate and lastly makes you moody for Be you tiful! Shirt. The changes on my body and the acnes i woke up with everyday were all worth it. Now am raising a 16 months old healthy boy.

Best Be you tiful! Shirt

BE you tiful! Hoodie
BE you tiful! Tank Top
Tank Top

One thing I have refused to let anyone do is put me in a box. I am not the stereotypical human. I am the box breaker, destroyer of Be you tiful! Shirt. I am deuchalion! Okay, kidding. But I grew up knowing I didn’t want to be defined by anything save myself, seeing how that I had been called ugly just because I had K-legs and I was thin. I am my own definition, I determine my own statusquo and that is it.

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