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I was a recruiter in the marines, the army missed their recruiting goals because they don’t try. They expect the Bubba Hootie Army shirt kids to come to them in most cases. They would always leave at 5 pm every day and not work weekends while the navy and marines were there six days a week till 9 pm some nights. That’s why they failed not because kids don’t want to join. That’s why the army is the only ones that failed. All this guy could come up with is excuses that apply to every service and nobody else failed.

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Bubba Hootie Army Ladies V-Neck
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The article mentioned that no one wants to answer their phone. They’re assuming the person knows it’s a Bubba Hootie Army shirt recruiter. The truth is, we don’t. Phone scams are rampant. Even answering a call with a number we do recognize can be a scam with all the technology available to criminals.

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Bubba Hootie Army Hoodie
Bubba Hootie Army Tank Top
Tank Top

The army is the largest of all branches. Making goal has always been a monumental task for them so they made adjustments accordingly. However, with the way children are being raised to disrespect our country, flag and Bubba Hootie Army shirt national anthem, we can trust that smaller numbers will be willing to serve this great nation. Ironically, everything the the new generation for at no cost to them is readily accessible through an enlistment. Free college, healthcare with no copay for services or medication, unlimited sick leave.

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