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Came Thru Drippin


That’s what soldiers do. They stand at attention in the direction of the music or the flag. I dont think he knew where the flag was at first. He looked like he was trying to find the Came Thru Drippin Shirt of the flag to make sure he didn’t have his back to it. I’m so glad they let him finish his vault.

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I’m still confused why Gabby Douglas caught so much grief for not putting her hand over her heart during the Came Thru Drippin Shirt and not a word was said about the 100m woman’s hurdle gold team. None of them did and only one attempted to mouth the words, not once but a few times they showed no respect. However only Gabby caught the backlash. Not fair.

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Anyone realize this story is about an athlete who was in the Came Thru Drippin Shirt of his competition and stopped to show respect for the. National Anthem. There is no comparison here with him and Gabby or anyone else. He’s military. He loves and respects the country he serves. I love this story. Much respect Sam Kendricks.

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