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Captain mother noun like a mom just way mightier

And this is why I refused to watch this movie a second time.. MCU Cap is not worthy the Captain Merica shirt Bucky proved it cap was in the way wrong there for protecting a murderer just because they had been friends being worth to wield the hammer means doing the right the right thing and being a true hero… MCU Iron Man fits that way better

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Captain Merica
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Captain Merica
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One of the classics ..The Captain Merica shirt, Braveness all combined with a vintage 40s flavour…The villain was superb & the chemistry between Rogers & Peggy was good as well..It was actually a start of an era which went on to become the greatest Trilogy of MCU…When we look back to that now.. after all the character improvisations that Cap had over the Years…it looks even more epic

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Captain Merica
Ladie Vneck
Captain Merica

This movie captured who Steve Rogers really is so Captain Merica shirt. It shows why he’s not just some random guy the government experimented on. He deserves the serum because of how good and noble he is. The casting worried me at first because all I saw him in before was Fantastic Four. The movie that made me more excited for it was Scott Pilgrim vs the World, oddly enough. Thank you Chris Evans for capturing the essence of my favourite superhero.

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