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  1. Carl Gallagher Classic Vintage shirt

    At this point Mephistopheles returns and Beethoven informs the Carl Gallagher Classic Vintage shirt that he will not allow his music to be destroyed. Desperate to receive the Tenth Symphony, Mephistopheles makes another deal: if Beethoven will give over only the Tenth Symphony, then Mephistopheles will not take the composer’s soul. After an appearance by Mozart’s ghost, Beethoven refuses this offer as well. As a final tactic, Mephistopheles points out the window to a young orphan and describes the tortures that she will receive if Beethoven refuses to hand over his music. Heartbroken, Beethoven agrees to hand over his Tenth Symphony. After Twist’s prompting, a contract is drawn up by Fate stating the following.

    Carl Gallagher Classic Vintage shirt(Carl Gallagher Classic Vintage shirt)

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