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So quite frankly we don’t need to go as far as the Cool Papa Funny T-Shirt or other race groups. Indians need to stop this dialogue immediately. Truth is everyone has an accent. Why do we accept it wirh others? Double standards. Many people need to have a good long look in the mirror and sort themselves out.

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Cool Papa Funny Guys V-Neck
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I visited India some few weeks back, to my findings India is one of the most racist countries in the Cool Papa Funny T-Shirt world against an african descendant despite the fact that they have blacks indigenous people. Once they look at you and notice that your hair is not curly.

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Cool Papa Funny Hoodie
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Tank Top

Did India have a caste system for centuries? Also, what does an accent have to do with colour, people with Cool Papa Funny T-Shirt common accents are discriminated against and joked about by everyone, every day, how many posting here have mocked or corrected someone’s spelling or grammar on facebook twitter. Funny how we choose what we see or hear to suit ourselves.

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