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Cracker Bomb Shirts

Amadeus begs forgiveness, which Steven and Christine grant. But dead is dead and now everyone has to move on. Christine and Amadeus go on their ways, while Wolfgang and Steven return to the Cracker Bomb Shirts . My guess is when Captain Marvel comes out, we will see Doctor Strange show up to warn Captain Marvel & Nick Fury of what will happen. He’ll explain Thanos will collect all six Infinity Stones & wipe out half of all life in the Universe. In the post credit scene of Infinity War, when people start being erased by Thanos, you can see Nick Fury’s face, it’s like he seems to know what is happening. How? Because he has been told it will happen nearly 30 years earlier. Which is why he immediately knew it was time to signal for Captain Marvel.

Cracker Bomb Shirts(Cracker Bomb Shirts)

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