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Crazy Skull Lady


The complete and irreversible takeover of the United States government will take place tomorrow in Washington DC when the Senate will Crazy Skull Lady Shirt to the United States Supreme court. No checks and balances will remain and right wing extremists will have complete control. Prepare for anarchy because we will not stand for it.

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He definitely misrepresented himself, he was evasive, he was indeed unhinged, he was rude to the committee, he was definitely partisan, and Crazy Skull Lady Shirt his all over bad temper should exclude him alone. The bar association think he doesn’ have the judicial temperament to sit on the highest court.

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As many have detailed carefully and thoughtfully, he lied, misled, displayed extraordinary partisan animus straying at Crazy Skull Lady Shirt times toward unhinged conspiracy theorizing. Yep, exactly. No one would get a job if they lied, misled, and displayed animus like he did during his job interview.

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