Dallas Cowboys Sunflower Shirt

Dallas Cowboys Sunflower


I don’t post often except my charity check-ins for workout (go ahead and roll your eyes but today is a special day. Today Heather Jean turns 40. I decided to share 40 things you may or may not know about her: My sister loves the Dallas Cowboys Sunflower Shirt but really doesn’t know the game of football. She is a natural athlete and softball was her sport. She can throw a strike from the outfield but usually misses the cut off man.

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Guys V-Neck
Dallas Cowboys Sunflower Ladies V-Neck
Ladies V-Neck

Wanna share something amazing! Proof that loved ones are still with us! Saturday we sat in the backyard and I tell John I want that sunflower in the Dallas Cowboys Sunflower Shirt. He said yeah right with their crazy dog back there I’m not going to get it lol.  So Sunday night I dreamed my dad “ like to say he came to visit me days before my birthday “ we ate burgers outside on picnic tables.

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Dallas Cowboys Sunflower Hoodie
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I watched the Falcons, the Eagles last night. What a comedy of errors! I realize it’s opening day, but I can’t remember seeing a worse played game! The refferring totally controlled the Dallas Cowboys Sunflower Shirt. The Falcons were handed that game on a silver-platter and still. I do hope it gets better!

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