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Dey Drinkin Shirts

He reached a saturation point; he could neither bear the pain or her beautifully fabricated tales. Frustrated, he left her in our home for mentally ill patients. I was her nurse incharge and Dey Drinkin Shirts tried my best to help her. Every day, she called herself as Miley, Jane, Mary, Nancy. I was tired of hearing her fantasies but I continued to provide her the best care possible. But in all her stories, Blake was her daughter, she loved. One day, she ran away from our care and we couldn’t trace her. Six months after this incident, I was transferred to the main hospital, after a 3-month suspension. Perhaps her name will be Victoria tomorrow. But that didn’t matter. Empty, bare and broken hearts have begun to heal, to bloom. People say, ‘Search in the places you have lost.’ I lost my family in my teens; I had given up the search for another family. People asked me to see family in others; you can find one. These words always annoyed me; I abhorred the hopeless optimists, who poured sympathy all over me and always gave false hope.

Dey Drinkin Shirts(Dey Drinkin Shirts)

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