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I feel honored to be at liberty to begin the esther fast for 3 days today, for righteousness to prevail and evil to fail in America. On international women’s day I note that esther was a significant figure in history, her fast and Dolan Twins shirt courage prevented the annihilation of the jewish people. And I am thankful for the key role of women in the ministry of Jesus. So blessed to be a woman. Sharia law be far away from me.

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You know some were in life I have had to deal with a woman it seems like God always sent me one whether I was in the military or on a job seem like the Dolan Twins shirt always there to help me were where you men they always said something good about myself. I think women are unique I have the most respect for those who when indeed so like I said look up women always keep your nose up hlong mo just and old man with lots of stories.

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Jesus loves all his creations and we are his creation. We are being created for a purpose. Satan knows this very well that there opens up doors of heaven and all the Dolan Twins shirt world trembles when a woman prays and fasts. That’s why he created hatred towards women from the beginning itself to twist up the mind of people. We are God’s beautiful creation in his own image, we too are unique individuals in the likeness of our loving father.

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