Donie Darko Makes No Sense Shirt

Donie Darko Makes No Sense


I’ve been a huge fan of the film Donnie Darko since I first saw it around 15 years ago. And it’s a quirky film with Donie Darko Makes No Sense Shirt: some complex, some just goofy. That said, Drew Barrymore’s character is probably the most confusing and eccentric character in movie history. She literally makes no sense, even in a film this bizarre. Any fan of this movie should know exactly what I’m talking about.

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So like he found time travel . and in doing so started the Donie Darko Makes No Sense Shirt of events that led to gretchens death. Since he’s a little bitch he goes back and dies in her place..which is what should have happened anyways. And he never falls in love… Cause hes dead. Good movie.

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I strongly disagree!! I love that movie!! Not all movies have to be linear and easy to understand… that’s far too boring. I liked the style, the music, the Donie Darko Makes No Sense Shirt and trying to figure out what was going on or what could be going on. That’s more fun to me. Haven’t seen it for a while.. I’m going to go watch it now lol!

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