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Draft Uncle Rico Shirts

Upon the discovery, Amadeus falls to a Draft Uncle Rico Shirts and joins Carl Mordo. He swears allegiance and dedicates himself to Mordo’s cause, but his thirst for power and sting of betrayal is so strong that he soon surpasses Mordo’s evil tendencies, subsequently turning the latter good. Mordo seeks out Christine, and explains her everything. Christine gets upset, but ultimately agrees to help him out. They lure Amadeus into a trap, but turns out Christine was long ago brainwashed by Amadeus and betrays Mordo. But then in a shocking twist, since Amadeus was created by astral sperm, he is revealed to have the ability to communicate with the afterlife. Turns out Wolfgang found their father in the afterlife, and Strange appeals to Amadeus’ humanity. When that fails, he, Wong, Tilda Swinton, Mordo and Wong join forces against Amadeus and strip him off his magic. Tilda Swinton explains Dormammu only cast himself the likeness of Steven because he doesn’t have a physical form, but he needed to appear as something to be able to communicate with Steven and he was the only example he had at the time.

Draft Uncle Rico Shirts(Draft Uncle Rico Shirts)

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