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Drop Fast Die Last


Yeah, I know what you mean, far too many good shows are being cancelled these days. Why can’t they cancel some of those horrid “reality” shows that mean nothing (not shows like Mythbusters of course) and Drop Fast Die Last Shirt. The Expance and even Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, just 2 seasons and killed off.

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One of the better if not best SciFi series on TV. The problem with it in my opinion is that it does not appeal to a broader space opera audience because it was “different” from so much SciFi soap opera on TV much of which was just blatant bland pap. It does not deal with morality issues as the defining story line like the Star Trek series but Drop Fast Die Last Shirt in the Solar system without moral blinders. The tech specs are scientifically credible and visuals are realistic and awesome. Like Battlestar Galatica it is too good to last.

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I’m glad they’ll just stick to three seasons. I’d rather they make a great show that lasts short time, rather than draw out a TV show and drive it into the ground. I want more new and interesting things. Not more endless squeals and Drop Fast Die Last Shirt. Firefly wouldn’t have been the beloved series it is because it got canned before it ever got milked to death.

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