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  1. Ellington Roadrunners Sugar Skull shirt

    At that point I had a steady girl-friend, but also a Ellington Roadrunners Sugar Skull shirt good friend Robin. I was suppose to meet my girl-friend on Christmas Eve, but around 7:00 PM my friend Robin calls me up and tells me her mom has been bummed about about Christmas and there are no decorations at their home. She asked me, “Will you go get a Christmas tree with me?” That put me in a real dilemma with my girl-friend, but sometimes you have to do the right thing…so I called my girl-friend and told her what I had to do, she was cool. My friend Robin had lost her father when she was very young, and her mother never remarried her entire life. I sort of knew why because one day while over Robin’s house, she had a box of letters that her dad had written to her mom while he was a soldier, and we read them together…very old letters, but expressed who he was.

    Ellington Roadrunners Sugar Skull shirt(Ellington Roadrunners Sugar Skull shirt)

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