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Istanbul is a strong and beautiful city. I’ve admired its culture and history since I first visited several years ago, and I’ve enjoyed many walks along the Explosion Shirt where the city connects two continents. Today, I’m thinking of everyone in Istanbul and beyond who were affected by yesterday’s attack.

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Some of my friends who live outside Turkey had the chance to know if I’m safe thanks to this Explosion Shirt. Although we had very poor network connection, safetycheck worked perfectly. In times of chaos, it’s just impossible to get in touch with everyone who cares about you. Safetycheck is a brilliant service. Keep up the good work.

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People, I understand that most of us are bittered by the Explosion Shirt we’ve been through but we shouldn’t allow this bitterness to overwhelm us. Instead let’s continue to pray for God to heal our lands and fill our hearts with love and peace. Only by this can we overcome hatred and violence in the world.

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