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FC Cincinnati Queen City Neon Shirt

In the FC Cincinnati Queen City Neon Shirt Captain Marvel has superspeed so let’s assume she does here also. She can fly at 6 times the speed of sound which isn’t even close to Supe’s speed. Her strength levels aren’t anywhere near his either and her energy blasts could probably kill some of the Justice Leaguers but they probably wouldn’t do much to Supes. So as long as the Flash took out Strange, Supes could concentrate on Captain Marvel, but that fight wouldn’t last too long. Then he could take out the others at his leisure. It doesn’t mean that. Doctor Strange 2 is set 24 years after the first one. When Steven’s astral body phased through Christine Palmer in the surgery room, he also unwillingly impregnated her.

FC Cincinnati Queen City Neon Shirt(FC Cincinnati Queen City Neon Shirt)

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