Fight like a girl shirt

Fight like a girl


Looks like you had a nice time. Just being away from getting poked & prodded is wonderful. I just recovered from ovarian cancer. Sitting in the sunshine was a blessing to me, I was too tired & weak to do much else. I’m now cancer free but Fight like a girl shirt, my legs are very swollen. I’ve gone back to work just 3 days a week for a while. Big hugs & wishing you well from Sydney.

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Shannon, as someone who had a family member go through this and was right beside them every step of the way, I learned quick that attitude means everthing. And your attitude is amazing!!! I think it’s great you are going to work out! Pushing yourself with Fight like a girl shirt! Not letting cancer control you!! I don’t post here often, but know we are praying for you every day! Go shannon!

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After chemo day. I believe that just moving helps so much in the healing process. It’s not always easy and sometimes I can’t do it the next day but I try to make an effort to get the blood flowing and the Fight like a girl shirt of my body thru working out. Some days are easy workouts and other days I push it but the key is to move!!!

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