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Flash Sloth


Hi guys, I don’t want to be a pain but see if anyone could do me the biggest favor ever and help me out with a valentines present? Could you write the following with your location on a piece of paper and hold it up with Flash Sloth shirt or something in the background. I would really appreciate this thank you thank you!! Hey Marcel, Necole’s love is so big for you it reached.

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Flash Sloth Ladies V-neck
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As adorable as these beautiful creatures, they should not ever be considered as house pets. They belong in their own environment. Too many time these exotic animals are purchased as cute little animals. Unfortunately, their proper food is in their natural environment. The Flash Sloth shirt of getting their food alone should make individuals think twice about owning one.

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Flash Sloth Hoodie
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Today’s schedule- Moms are free if you tag someone in this post and bring out a kid. Every hour on the Flash Sloth shirt we will have an exotic animal encounter included in the admission. We will switch between Lemurs, Sloth & Kangaroo through out the day – make sure you show your tag on this comment to get free admission Mom.

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