Funny Cow Farmer Shirt

Funny Cow Farmer


I do home day care and I have seen some of the kids do just what is done here. Some of these videos were staged because the gates weren’t even attached all the well. I have had a little one crawl under the Funny Cow Farmer Shirt and even seen them figure out how to open gates. I only have one and I set right by it to make sure they don’t hurt themselves and get out of the room.

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This was mike and mel found mel on top of refridgerator one morning and mike went out windows. Had to nail them shut to keep him in Funny Cow Farmer Shirt mel was the climber and mike the escape artist. David was happy being in one place couldnt turn your back on them for one second.

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Where there is a will there is a way. But I do agree that this is a safety hazard and Funny Cow Farmer Shirt to be dealt with. Personally I loved the one that opened the gate, closed it and then let the dog out of its crate so she could go into it.

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