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Last night I received a call from my sistren, Keya Kd-Ann about your current state. At first, I was apprehensive and not interested to talk on your situation because God Wants You Yeezus Shirt… I admit, It was selfish of me, but I felt justified because no one came to my aid for my problems or personal crisis. But at the same time, only a handful of people knew I was going through a deep depression….

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God Wants You Yeezus Guys Shirt
Guys Shirt
God Wants You Yeezus Ladies Tee
Ladies Tee

But, this morning it weighed heavy on my heart because this game has hardened me and I had to remind myself that love, giving and thoughtfulness is a part of the God Wants You Yeezus Shirt. We’ve become so desensitized to everything. So, I want to take the time out to wish you better health. May God give you the strength to conquer your demons. I’ve seen my share of dark times and I hope your real ones are by your side. Your family, your children and REAL friends. Its amazing how people are quick to judge you, but f#ck the naysayers and get your mind, body and soul aligned. And once your ready, get back to doing what your prolific at, CREATING. Your Fan and friendly associate and creative ally.

God Wants You Yeezus Ladies V-neck
Ladies V-neck
God Wants You Yeezus Guys V-neck
Guys V-neck

It is a whole lie to believe that Ye has thematically detracted. For any of y’all who thinks he doesn’t still talk about God Wants You Yeezus Shirt, or social issues, I really have to question your fandom and your intelligence. Ye is definitely depressed and looney–vulnerabilities that are telling for a black man in a public space. But he ain’t lost his “consciousness” and his arrogance has remained “to power his dreams”.

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God Wants You Yeezus Ladies Tee
Ladies Tee

Into your divine role and call in God Wants You Yeezus Shirt!! Yes sir! I apply the precious blood of Jesus around you! I command every spell and every incantation be broken and severed off of your life!!! Sir! By the Spirit I command Michaels troupe to come down now and surround you! I command the fire of the living God to consume you and over take you! I ask for the ministering angels to come now…. and speak peace to your mind and spirit. I command the warfare in your mind to cease! I ask for Michaels troupe to come with flaming swords! I ask that rivers of the Blood of Jesus come and be applied now! Your mind shall not be gone!

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