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People have been trying to solve this problem by addressing it with women and girls for centuries. It hasn’t worked. It will Hay Y’all Shirt never work because the problem isn’t with us. The problem is with men and boys. Most rapes are committed by someone the victim knows and trusts. Your daughter is more likely to be molested at a family than out at a mall with her friends. The place you haven’t secured is the bathroom, a room with a lock on the door. Are you monitoring everyone’s hands under the table?

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We need men to speak up but not just in the stereotypical role of protector. We need men to speak up when the locker room talk turns to degrading and objectifying women and saying grabbing them is okay. We need them to talk to their sons and help them to understand that their masculinity isn’t tied to protecting or providing for or Hay Y’all Shirt guiding making decisions for women. We need them to speak up and help change the way our culture views women.

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All of these comments and you’ll see even know and trust won’t guarantee your child’s safety. Family, friends, religious leaders, law enforcement, teachers, medical personnel. All classifications have been shown to contain Hay Y’all Shirt potential sexual assailants. It is more important that you believe your child and allow her to feel it is safe for her to tell you what happened. Bad things happen to good people as the saying goes.

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