Heifer T Shirt – Cow T Shirt

Heifer T Shirt - Cow


But I have the ability to prevent some of these tragedies from happening. We throw family parties all the time. But we make sure all doors are locked to other rooms, only one room is available for the kids which is usually Heifer T Shirt – Cow T Shirt supervised and an older sibling. People are only allowed within the living room, kitchen, or back yard. If there is a problem with my house rules, then simply dont come. These are put in place so such tragedies dont happen if I am hosting something in my own house.

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Heifer T Shirt - Cow Guys Shirt
Guys Shirt
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Ladies Tee
Heifer T Shirt - Cow Guys V-Neck
Guys V-Neck
Heifer T Shirt - Cow Ladies V-Neck
Ladies V-Neck

The world is a scary place. As time goes on predators find more elaborate ways to pray on our kids. I’m just Heifer T Shirt – Cow T Shirt trying to do my best for my kids to live their best lives tragedy free just like any other parent would want. I’m not saying to keep then on lock down until it’s time to move out but some structure is needed especially for teenagers.

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Heifer T Shirt - Cow Hoodie
Heifer T Shirt - Cow Tank Top
Tank Top
That’s not enough. We refuse to live in a world that says the best we can do is lock our children up, especially our daughters. Hell no. Changes have been made in society before, and they can and will be made again. One Heifer T Shirt – Cow T Shirt change that we need to make to protect our daughters and our sons is to make it crystal clear what is assault, what is consent, and what will not be tolerated. We need to teach this in schools, we need to say this publicly, and we need to stop giving assaulters a pass just because they are powerful men.

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