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Irrelevant people will just say all sorts of nonsense. I had an unpleasant experience too Houston Astros shirt but we sent them an email about it and someone called us to explained the situation to us. And in any case if my baby or myself needs medical attention we will still go back because they are the best people to address our medical concerns.

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This issue has to be addressed. We are not pharmacist or a medical expert here to know what is the Houston Astros shirt outcome here. Two expired paracetamols may not work effectively for a headache for a full grown adult if he she is lucky enough. But what long term effects does it have for a small dose of an expired prescription on an infant?

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Suing because of every little error will in turn make doctors and hospitals practice defensive medicine which will Houston Astros shirt in turn increase healthcare costs. I say little because the baby was unharmed. Secondly, saying that this would result in some unknown long term side effect is blowing things out of proportion. This is a medicine used in the nose to decongest. It isn’t injected into the bloodstream which has higher risks of side effects.

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