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Hunter Greene MLBPA Tee shirt

No. Dr. Strange is a serious student of the mystic arts, seeking a Hunter Greene MLBPA Tee shirt and finding enlightenment, and supposedly inspired in part by a radio and movie serial magician, Chandu. Constantine seems to have fallen into the occult while experimenting with sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Alan Moore based him a lot on Sting in the movie Brimstone and Treacle. Strange in the movies is snarkier than the comics, but an honorable and dedicated defender of humanity. Constantine is a kind of a jerk who does stop a lot of bad things, but definitely doesn’t fit the usual hero mold. Strange is in the super hero genre mixed with fantasy, while Constantine’s origins are pure horror. Strange is, at times the most powerful magician around, the Sorcerer Supreme, and more in line with Dr. Fate. Constantine isn’t anywhere near that powerful, with some skills and training, but relying on his wits and connections as much as any magical power.

Hunter Greene MLBPA Tee shirt(Hunter Greene MLBPA Tee shirt)

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