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Ketanji Brown Jackson T Shirt

Or you’re talking about religion. Oh, the good old days when good god-fearing people lived in tight communities who helped each other oh wait that’s also how witch hunting started, good, god-fearing people living in tight communities started persecuting marginalized women. And the Crusades, the Ketanji Brown Jackson T Shirt , the religious persecution of non-believers. Oh, but that was hundreds of years ago. Well, what about catholic priest sex scandals? Look, I have nothing against people of faith, but if you want me to believe that somehow having faith makes people better, you should stop right there. For every saint you can bring up, there’re ten atrocities committed in the name of religion, a hundred innocent people persecuted simply because they’re accused of “heresy”. Good people are always good, religious or not. We aren’t experiencing moral decay. We’re experiencing the growing pain of progression. We as a society have become more aware of the shitty things we do to each other, and we have started to call it out more often. We have started to realize it’s not OK to publicly lynch black people wearing white robes, we started to realize it’s not OK to electrify gay people to set them “straight”, we started to realize it’s not OK to call people fags, it’s not simple “personal preference” when you turn an entire race of women into a sexual fetish and people are calling it out!

Ketanji Brown Jackson T Shirt(Ketanji Brown Jackson T Shirt)

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