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Lasso Beard 2024 shirt

A bigger part of the problem is that a lot of DMs just can’t separate their real world sense of Lasso Beard 2024 shirt and ethics with the campaign they are running. They are running Abeir Toril or Oerth, which are savage fantasy settings full of monsters, bandits, evil wizards, and other undesirables, but going into it with the sweet sensibilities of a 21st century teenager who grew up in the suburbs and every neighbor said “hello how are you?” and girlscouts go around selling cookies. And this is just hilarious. Get into the setting and drop your real world commonsense at the door. If adventurers want to go around killing monsters, looting gold and stealing magic items, why punish them for it? Because it goes against your sense of right and wrong? Come on. We’re playing a game of fantasy pretend and make-believe. We’re here to indulge our deepest and maybe darkest fantasies. Why so serious?

Lasso Beard 2024 shirt(Lasso Beard 2024 shirt)

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