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Machine Gun Kelly MGK Tomato T Shirt tee

However ; I googled it, it was a Machine Gun Kelly MGK Tomato T Shirt tee, I called police and informed them about the incident, they came by and were so excited to see an owl in real life, the owl sat right by my side while I kissed it,( the owl’s motion was so slow and you could tell it was feeling dizzy and confused from the accident) I petted and kissed it not knowing that owls are wild and can be dangerous. However the cops took some pictures and we all had a fun time with the bird. They handed me some information about animal control and stuff before they left. I called a few times, i never received any response, so I ended up caring for the animal myself, I took care of the bird for 3 more days, each morning when I was driving to work I would roll down the window to let it fly, it wouldn’t, the third day I stopped in the middle of the wood as part of my driveway, and asked it to go back home, it sat on the window frame, turned its face to me , kept staring at me for almost 20 minutes, a long time, then flew out , sat on the ground then again flew back in the car, I cried, I cried so hard as I was so emotional for all the things that was happening, then I started talking to it, I sound crazy but I felt the connection, we had built a very strong bond, I think we sensed each other’s emotions, i could feel that the owl was very much into the love I had for him, however I talked it over, the same way I could possibly talk to my own child if I had one. and the owl finally flew away , sat on the branch and stared at me until I drove away, I was crying until I got to work.

Machine Gun Kelly   MGK Tomato T Shirt tee(Machine Gun Kelly MGK Tomato T Shirt tee)

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