Markus Lynn Betts Tee Shirt – Limotees

Markus Lynn Betts Tee Shirt

So Unthir can’t immediately attack—doing so risks the ire of another Lich; instead, she and Spinel talk for a Markus Lynn Betts Tee Shirt. Notably, Spinel doesn’t really treat Unthir any differently than if she was talking to an alive Elven Wizard. She’s just herself: Friendly, openhearted, vulnerable. And something about that strikes a chord in Unthir. I forgot exactly what happened, but Spinny hugged her, and Unthir just started crying—obviously not actual crying because she’s a Lich and her tear ducts decayed centuries back, but the emotions are still the same. So Spinel just kept hugging her until Unthir felt good enough to let go.

Markus Lynn Betts Tee Shirt(Markus Lynn Betts Tee Shirt)

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