Miami Hurricanes Cool Snoopy Shirt

Oh my dear. They aren’t children. One is 31 this year. I brag about and title show off my talented grand children’s pictures which I carry in a wallet with little plastic slots created for this reason. I only check Facebook a couple times a week. But I like Instant-graham a lot, I look at goat pictures from other goat keepers. And pictures of my grand children I make quilts and paint bad pictures, suffer from the rheumatiz in cold weather and hurt a lot but I put up with it because there’s no use complaining. And hay fever. I have hay fever which causes me to sneeze and have watery eyes.
My garden? There are lots of cannabis plants in it along with tomatoes and title peppers. My grand kids get gifts of cannabis every year from me. I’ve been using it since 1960. My long skirts are tie dye and I have a Grateful Dead tattoo, amongst others. I began protesting for Civil Rights and against the Vietnam War and never stopped being anti war and pro human rights. I’m a ovo-vegetarian. I eat eggs but otherwise vegetables except for an occasional fresh salmon when I’m out for dinner. I played bass with the ‘ever changing name’ band for quite a few years, was married to a drummer and we travelled all over Central and South America on vacations.

Miami Hurricanes Cool Snoopy Shirt

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Miami Hurricanes Cool Snoopy Shirt


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