Michigan State Spartans State Maps Shirt

At some point, good numbers are meaningless if they don’t translate into results. Drew Brees leads the NFL in yards and other raw statistics because he threw more than anyone else, because he had no running game to speak of and the title couldn’t stop anyone, so the Saints were forced to throw the ball 40+ times per game as they attempted to play from behind. Their 7–9 record (3rd in their division) shows the futility of their attempts. And speaking of Drew Brees’ presence atop the leaderboards, his 15 interceptions are almost equal to the total of Ryan (7), Rodgers (7), and Prescott (4) combined.
Ask me about KC after the title game vs the Pats. I think their OL will not be able to handle NE’s front, but let’s see. The Pats D is going to be scary, once Revis starts being Revis again. Those LBs and Chandler Jones and Big Vince and … look out. Right now, the Pats are NOT the best team in the AFC. But they aren’t done cooking yet. The Raiders are the worst team in the entire NFL right now. Carr, however, is a legit rookie QB, and Mack is a stud. They just need 20 other players to help them in the starting lineup. Denver is not 2013 Denver on offense, but they have a much, much better D and are still the team to beat in the AFC. I just think NE and Cin and SD are going to be heard from before it’s over. San Diego, I’ll say it again, is a lot more physical than people think, and a lot better than people think. Let’s see what the 3-1 Bolts do against a physical Jets front this weekend — should be interesting. 



Michigan State Spartans State Maps Shirt

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Michigan State Spartans State Maps Shirt


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