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Now 6 teams qualify for the playoffs in each conference- The title of each of the 4 divisions and 2 wild cards (2 best non-division winner records). So now how could a team win 14 games and still miss the playoffs? Let’s start with a ridiculous run by the NFC North. The Packers, Vikings and Bears all win their games against the AFC East (4 wins) and NFC West (4 wins). That puts them at 8–0 each. Next they defeat the Lions twice which puts them at 10 wins each. Next they win their games against NFC East opponents and NFC South Opponents which puts them at 12–0 each. Next they each win their home games against each other so that would make them 2–2 in that stretch leaving them tied at 14–2.
Now let’s say the NFC South has two teams that go on a title run as well, let’s call them the Panthers and Saints. Let’s start with the Panthers. The NFC South played the AFC North and NFC East in 2018. The Panthers win all 8 games to be 8–0. They also win their NFC West matchup (Seahawks) and NFC North matchup (Lions). That brings them to 10–0. They win both games against the Falcons and Bucs bringing them to 14–0 and split the matchup with the Saints leaving them with a 15–1 finish.  The Saints meanwhile also win all AFC North and NFC East games to bring them 8–0. They win their NFC West game (Rams) to bring them to 9–0. They lose to the Vikings , as noted above, bringing them to 9–1. Next they also sweep the Falcons and Bucs bringing them to 13–1. As mentioned previously they split the matchup with the Panthers leaving them with a 14–2 record as well.

Moo Im a Horse Meme 80s T Shirt

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Moo Im a Horse Meme 80s T Shirt


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