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Morbius Orbius character shirt

Spinel froze. She thought she was sneaking better than that! Then she remembered that Liches, like most undead, don’t actually need to sleep. Instead, she looked up to see the Morbius Orbius character shirt body from earlier, standing up and staring at Spinel with glowing eyes. The mage hand Spinel used to write her letter faltered, her quill scratched a few jagged, splattered lines across the note. “I’m so sorry! I hadn’t meant to intrude, and, just—you were sleeping, or I thought you were sleeping—anyway! I’m so sorry, I thought you might get cold down here by yourself.” Let it never be said that Spinel’s not compassionate. Often to the point of absurdity. Now, Lich Queen Unthir doesn’t immediately attack. And there is a very important reason for this that I as the player know, but my character Spinel, does not: Spinel’s soul is marked by another Lich. All Liches have Truesight, and therefore DM and I ruled that they can absobloodylutely see souls. Therefore, some Liches like to “mark” the souls of their favourite mortals/pets/slaves/etc to indicate: “This is mine. Don’t touch or I’ll come mess you up.”

Morbius Orbius character shirt(Morbius Orbius character shirt)

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