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I was molested by a family friend. I don’t remember his name. I don’t remember what time of the year it was. I Need Cake Call Me Shirt him sticking his hands in my panties. I remember going to tell my mamaw and her telling me to hush up. I remember at four years old knowing I was on my own. I never told anyone else because I knew it was pointless.

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Trauma isn’t handled by everyone the same way by a book. It’s by the individual and she even said she wouldn’t have gone to the police, her friend did. Also ford told her therapist and husband. You don’t know her childhood Need Cake Call Me Shirt situation. There could have been no one around her that she felt like she could trust.

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I didn’t tell anyone for years. I didnt report it to the police i didn’t tell my dad and I Need Cake Call Me Shirt didn’t tell my boyfriend and I  probably wouldve never said a word if I didn’t have a daughter. I carried shame and hatred for myself and only once it was released could I even talk about it.

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