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I just watched “The Shallows” and it has a better ending than this!! This is Just a disturbing film about aspiring hardcore models that want to become successful and some of the Neon cat Shirt, all in the Taboo Category! But i still think it would be an Interesting movie to check out if you are intersted in watching a Disturbing and Sexual Necrophiliac scene.

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After seeing it yesterday, I gotta say it absolutely blew me away. It’s a slow burning first-half but it will punch you in the Neon cat Shirt. Refn just always finds a way to make an incredible film. Cliff Martinez’s score was absolutely awesome, gritty, industrial, acidic techno. Almost felt like Gesaffelstein scored it!

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I have mixed feelings about this film, I feel that there was too much left unexplained. The visuals and sound were pleasing, it definitely gives you that cool retro vibe that Drive had, but way less action, more of a build up to the Neon cat Shirt. Overall, I like these types of movies, so I enjoyed watching this film, I wish there was just a litle bit more substance to it.

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