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No Longer Broken


You don’t have the right to tell victims how to handle their assault or their trauma. Not everyone has someone they feel close enough to talk to. Not everyone is brave and that’s okey. She didn’t speak until she found it No Longer Broken Shirt necessary. You don’t get to judge her or any other victim. You like every other republican woman are a disgrace and want to keep females down and keep power hungry men in charge. You’re sad and pathetic.

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Teri bingham nance what hurts this cause is people like you. The majority of assaults go unreported because No Longer Broken Shirt don’t feel like they can report. This was even more the case 30 years ago. You don’t get to determine whose story is valid and under what terms it should be paid attention to.

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I was kidnapped taken across state lines, told that No Longer Broken Shirt he had killed his wife that day, had things done to me you do not even want to know. He placed my friend in the trunk of his car. The police rescued me from this man. Yes I reported it, did not want my name in the news. The judge said this nice family dod not do this. I can tell you the year the states, but not the date or the place the ploice rescued me. I am here to tell it happened. It may have been 47 years ago it was wrong then as it is wrong now.

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