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Official Girl power


After friday night I will think of Official Girl power shirt in storybook and make believe I am there with all the wonderful people who made us all part of their story good and evil let your imagination take you away that is the magic of all the stories. So I’m more than a little upset. But I’m going to read all the spoilers and recaps I can to be prepared for the next episode.

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So happy but maybe if this happened earlier, viewings would have been up Official Girl power shirt and they wouldn’t have cancelled. Such a fab show so sorry to see it go. Hope gold gets his happy ending if not I’m gonna be so disappointed. Because he changed his ways for love. Sacrificed. Just like they all did. But they all got their happy ending already. It’s golds turn.

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This broke me down so hard. I cannot believe this story has to come to an end. I love you all so Official Girl power shirt very much. Thank you writers for making me believe in love again. This was one of the best episodes, it reminded me of classic quat storytelling, made me cry and laugh and I never get sick of seeing true loves kiss.

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