Oklahoma State Cowboys Fiesta Bowl 2022 shirt

After soothing him with Korean BBQ, lager, and some rock music, he calms down. 13 days later, we found a very obscure library from a title of a friend who did a research project (owned by a very large software company) that was never released to the public. We approach the company to buy it for $13,000. They want $25,000. No, no, no. We inform our investor about the situation. They say, “We’re not sure we’ll have funding for you without the feature.” We go back to the very large software company and come back with $20,000. They agree but they want credit for development and also retain options to use it as a license. We reluctantly agree.

A small army of the title programmers of the west coast and we’re going to be humiliated when I give the presentation on “what have we been doing.” We hire an integrations consultant because SERIOUSLY we don’t have enough time to do all this. All he has to do is copy the code over, rename the databases, copy the DBs over, and just change lines from the local servers to the cloud servers. We continue working for about six hours. OMG. He didn’t rename the DBs. The DBs were overwritten. OMFG. Check the primary backup. Yesterdays. Check the backup backup. 8 hours old. We lose an entire day of work because he overwrote the database. Fire consultant. Hire a full stack engineer’s cousin who’s in his junior year for CS. Didn’t know until after the interview, he says “Bro” in literally every other sentence.



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Oklahoma State Cowboys Fiesta Bowl 2022 shirt


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