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Pokey Reese Hall of Heroes Shirt

It is a limited edition burger with a Pokey Reese Hall of Heroes Shirt smash patty, American cheese, lettuce, mayo, double pickles and extra bacon, and topped with smashed avocado. It’s funny, all this press and excitement around a burger I made over 20 years ago in my backyard. My wife and I loved to “create” new burgers. Anyway, It’s easy to build one on your own but let me suggest a toasted whole wheat bun and adding a tablespoon of Sriracha a half cup of mayonnaise. It adds a little kick and helps to offset the potentially overwhelming presence of the avocado. I use Clearfield White American cheese, putting two slices on each burger. I use four slices of thick sliced apple wood smoked bacon, cooked crisp and five to six slices of Heinz dill pickle chips. I want every bite to a taste of every ingredient. I use the Heinz pickles because they have a crisp texture and a great dill bite. And I use Boston lettuce leaves, three leaves for each mid-rare burger cradling the entire burger build and capturing some of the burger’s juices while making it a real, but great messy burger.

Pokey Reese   Hall of Heroes Shirt(Pokey Reese Hall of Heroes Shirt)

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