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Ragnar Skull


Horrible things. I was attacked by my nans when I was younger and never liked them since. My daughter stroked my friends and it bit the top of her ear off and Ragnar Skull Shirt bit her shoulder and I could see the teeth marks in her shoulder where the canine teeth went in. If the cat was doing that to me I would have been so scared. It would have gone flying and I would have ran.

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This cat has been abused or Ragnar Skull Shirt tormented and teased and that is why the cat is responding this way. I had a cat that hated my brother, because he teased my cat every time he was around it. The same cat hated his daughter, because she had his scent. It’s not the cats fault. It is human beings that created this problem.

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If the owner’s knew that the Ragnar Skull Shirt house was being shown and knew the cat could react this way. If the cat had ever shown this kind of behavior with strangers. The cat should not have been there. Maybe it was just protecting the house? Cats can be quite scary when they want to be I have had three but I have never seen one of them act this way.

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