Republicans For Beto Shirt

Republicans For Beto


So hailey’s been writing letters to the Republicans For Beto Shirt and leaving them in the today she gets home from school and finds a Snoopy yard sign and a letter in the mailbox from the great pumpkin. He left her a reward for being a big girl and potting on the potty.

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How many fraternity members were arrestedfor their shenanigans ? How many stopped for DUI? Heck I know a few who have never told their children…but at least beto admits it and Republicans For Beto Shirt for it. It is hilarious that Ted cruz has harped on Betos nickname, since Rafael has gone by the name Ted, his entire political career.

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The moral of the story: education is powerful. There are a lot of good people out there who just don’t have a scope of what some of Republicans For Beto Shirt. But they can learn. Let’s continue to be leaders, and person by person we will lead Texas and the Nation to a better future.

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