Retired Gone Fishing Shirt

Retired Gone Fishing


Good morning everyone,it looks like a beautiful hot day today, a good day to go fishing,as many of you know know I have been battling Heath issues the Retired Gone Fishing Shirt. I was really in bad shape, but I am getting better, starting to enjoy life again, although I have a long way to go to get my strength back, I am feeling so much better.

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Retired Gone Fishing Guys V-neck
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Retired Gone Fishing Ladies V-neck
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Some people might retire and go fishing. However, my dad and I bought a duplex. Had to push one tenant out (she still owes me some rent), the Retired Gone Fishing Shirt. But with both sides empty, that gave me all of July to renovate them. Now, older MSU sons moved in one side, and a ole high school friend that’s moving to Murray because of a new job will soon move in the other (blessed with answered prayers to get a good tenant).

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Retired Gone Fishing Hoodie
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We have kept a bit quiet about this so we could get things organized, work on our future planning and Retired Gone Fishing Shirt. We are extremely excited about this decision and doug is ready to enjoy his new boat and many days of fishing. I’m enjoying the heck out of having my husband home daily doug is the hardest working Man I have ever known and I’m so proud of him. Gone fishing is words I’m looking forward to hearing him say often!!

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