Shake and Bake shirt

Shake and Bake


Our soldiers sacrifice their lives in so many ways. Many miss events that we take for granted like births, deaths, graduations and Shake and Bake shirt in their children’s lives. I’m so glad this dad was able to share in his son’s special moment.

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Thanks for serving the country brother so have I but my god when you have your child that you love Shake and Bake shirt and he does great it is the most wonderful feeling in life you did a good job sir I commend you have a blessed one and God bless your whole family.

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These stories never get old. I wish our son was able to have his dad at his high school and Shake and Bake shirt. Being on a submarine, and the boats only Doc, doesn’t allow for beautiful things like this to happen. They are once in a lifetime events. So happy for them.

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